Applying for Moderator Position:


Send us an email at to Apply for Moderator.

We are very strict in our selection process. If selected, you will be given a 10 day trial as a Moderator. If you fail to adhere to the rules of the server and/or abuse your Moderator Powers you will not only lose your position but unable to apply for any future staff positions.


What to include in the email:

1) In-Game Name

2) Age

3) How long you have been with MelonCraft and what do you think about the server as a whole

4) Skills or Assets that can help the Server

5) How often do you play on MelonCraft

6) Have you ever had any other Staff position on any other server besides MelonCraft and do you still have that position

7) If you lost that position give reason why.

8) Why you would make a great addition to the MelonCraft Team

9) Why do you want to be a Moderator

10) Favorite animal and ice-cream

11) Hobbies

12 Are you willing to donate to help keep the server running


Good luck!