Available to all Members

    Simulates an RPG/Skill Gameplay

    Type /mcc for more info


    Available to all members

    Type /team join [team_name] [password] to create or join a team.

    Type /team list to view all available teams on the server.

    Type /team leave to leave your current team.

    Type /team hq to teleport to team headquarter.

    Type /team tele to teleport to the nearest team member.

    For Team Leaders only:

    Type /team sethq to set your team's headquarter at your current position.

    Type /team promote [player] to promote an individual

    Type /team demote [player] to demote an individual

    Type /team remove [player] to remove them from your team.


    Available to all members of MelonCraft

    Max Jobs: 3

    Type /jobs help for more info

    Type /jobs join [job_name] to become employed

    Type /jobs leave [job_name] to leave a job


    Available to only Diamond and VIP members of MelonCraft

    You may use and any axe to fully chop down a tree by just breaking on block.

    It will automatically replant a tree for you.

    You can toggle this plugin on or off.


    Creates simple protection for chests, doors, furnaces and dispensers.

    Type /lwc for help.


    Only available to the Diamond and VIP Group.

    Allowed to create your own shop to sell items.

    Click the link for a guide on how to make a Shop.


    Creates a simple land claim.

    Use a golden shovel to claim two points.

    Every player starts off with 100 blocks.

    You gain an additional 100 blocks per hour of gameplay.

    Search GriefPrevention on YouTube for tutorial.